Background Removal Service
Price starts from $0.49

Here at Touch Clipping, we provide high quality background Removal service for less than you might think.

No matter what type of image you have, we can remove the background. Whether it be clothing, accessories, electronics, furniture, vehicles, cookware, or any other product, if you provide us with the image, we can professionally remove and change the background, or create a pure-white background.

Further, many eCommerce marketplaces have strict guidelines for their platform. This includes high quality images, removing of backgrounds in images, and a handful of other requirements.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Here at Touch Clipping, we provide high quality background removing services for less than you might think.

Clipping Path

By using our effective, yet affordable background removal service, you’ll instantly notice three different things:

  • Your images are professionally rendered
  • The images are compliant with marketplace regulations
  • Increased perceived value of your product

When all three changes are made, you’ll quickly notice increased sales and conversions.

Tools used for Remove Image Background :

  • Removing background with Pen Tool
  • Using Channel Mask to remove background of a image
  • Color Path or Multiple Clipping Paths

Why Choose Our Background Removal Service

Our goal is simple, to optimize your product images for your e-commerce business. By combining your product images with our professional image editing specialists, you’ll have the freedom of spending more time on the things you enjoy.

We’ve helped hundreds of ecommerce store owners and we’d love add you to our long list of happy customers!

Take a Tour of our Corporate Client Services & Benefits

Our add-ons for remove background service include

  • Shadows & Reflections
  • Retaining Original Shadow
  • Spotting (Removing Blemishes)
  • Removing Fly Away Hair
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Red-eye Correction
  • Removing Product Labels and Logos
  • Removing Mirror Reflections

Look no further you are in the right location.
With our services, we will optimize your projects with our high quality images and make all your work look glamorous. Our Corporate Account will save you time and money with our credit packages and will help you simplify your payments. You can even manage sub-accounts for your various team members. How we help our corporate partner