Photo Color Correction Service

With our digital photography experts performing color correction service, even ruined images can be restored to its perfect conditions. Regardless of the object or purpose, Touch Clipping Color Correction Service provides:

  • Color and Contrast Adjustment: it includes simple customization such as saturation, color balance, brightness, lighting, and more.
  • Background Alteration: manipulation of background in order to highlight the main object or strengthen the focal point of a photograph. Background can be altered in many different ways including removal or replacement.
  • Noise removal and cropping: this service includes removal of unwanted objects from the image for examples distracting faces, logos, etc.
  • Filters: adding filters sound simple, but there is a very careful adjustment to the intensity of the filters to make perfect photos.
  • Facial features highlight: for portraits with facial features as the main highlights, there can be multiple editing processes. It may include removal of wrinkles, dark spots, sunburn, acne, dark circles, and fine lines. More detailed adjustments to hair, clothes, and skins are also necessary.

In additions to the aforementioned services, Touch Clipping color correction involves other editing methods including but not limited to cropping, resizing, red eye removal, sharpness adjustments, color tones balance, etc. Color Correction from Touch Clipping is a comprehensive service which involves plenty of possible adjustments to reproduce images that meet your expectations.

Color Correction

Our add-ons for Photo Color Correction Service Include

  • Object Removal
  • Skin Tone Adjustments
  • Color corrections including contrast, brightness, saturation, and level adjustment
  • Raw file editing which may include color balance, exposure compensations, and format conversion
  • Enhancements or removal of small details such as hair and dust
  • Artifacts and distortion removal

If you’re selling products online, you need to have your photos edited and prepared for sale. In today’s world, you only have a couple of seconds to impress your customers – or somebody else will. Luckily for you – we’re here to help.

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